Thursday, February 4, 2010

"stooled" blogs

ahh,it is a strange feeling that i have right reminds me of the times in school when i used to feel a bit queasy upon being asked to submit my copy after a class,for i have finally decided to make this blog public.

first things first.

it happened again.i mean,when i needed my luck to fire,fire it did,and how!i had dozed off in the afternoon,i have no recollection of ever having touched the snooze but obviously i did press it,and repeatedly too,'coz when i did get up,i was already late by 30 minutes,and was confounded.the stupid questions like how,or when,and even the suspicious who,chased each other for a while, while i took my bearings=]
i first looked at myself in the glass on the metro's door,and marvelled at my dexterity(with a bulk like mine,i had put on clothes,heavy boots,and had even managed to deodorise myself).at metro station X,the traffic stood at a standstill,and it looked like lady luck herself was on duty today when i caught sight of a groaning behemoth(people kindly call it a bus,but i suspect it's more out of a paucity of time than compassion) going my way,and would you believe it,i actually ran after the bus for fifty metres at least,and caught it running(yes,in case you were wondering,i can move fast,perhaps faster than you would have thought i could,so wipe that smirk off your face).i reached twenty minutes late,and still i entered class in tandem with the teacher(she was late as well, a rarity)-so none of the explanations that i had gone over in the bus proved necessary.

in case you have already started feeling bored with all these (to you,worthless)personal details,please leave this page and go watch tv,or youtube videos,or chat,or pick your nose,for what i am going to write next is for only the most loyal and faithful=P

all right,enough chitchat.let's get down to business.

i rarely needs something very powerful to force me to type/write.and the reason for today's convulsive writing is-BULLSHIT IN BLOGS.

honestly,i feel so liberated right now,you could say that i am on a may ask's my answer-"bitching" can be very relaxing and very satisfying,especially that type where you don't have to compete with others to come out with the nastiest remarks,and what better way to do that than by blogging?

recently,i stumbled across some blogs,which not only declared their architects as brilliantly mysterious creatures,but sometimes went on to portray them as demigods/goddesses.i ask you,how many of us are "special"?we all are,in a measure more or less.but these writers have gone out of their way to make themselves feel special.i know that what i am writing right now is nothing much better than crap but i have the guts/sense to admit it.but these attention deprived individuals are so far out that they have started idolising themselves.
they think their poor excuse for a poem is "cute" and that to copy and paste material from elsewhere is "cool".
some weirdos have even forgotten what they had initially started out to write about and have peppered their posts with pathetic pictures of wallpapers.not me,i know that i started out to bitch and i am still trying to follow that theme, because that is what sincere people like you and me do-even if the job at hand is not to our liking,we don't mind getting ourselves a little dirty,or tired,or bored.we just do it.kudos to us!
well, that is enough for one session.but i sign off with a last snippet,and this one really takes the cake-a blogger with over a hundred posts but with a very unaesthetic sense of layout had very kindly put in a flash game of "tictactoe" for his readers,to allay boredom u might think,or perhaps to kill time while waiting for the next published post of the supposed sidney sheldon?=]

p.s.-if you have arrived here and are reading these lines,then please,oh please,treat yourself to a chocolate as soon as possible.i can say from experience that they do really lift the mood(i am unwrapping one right now!).

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