Tuesday, February 16, 2010

collected thoughts long overdue

so many things to write about this night...where do i start?

let's see,how about my recent trip to madhya pradesh?sounds good to me.so anyway,i visited m.p. yet again.and oh yes,it was every bit as enjoyable as the first time,because the company(seven of us hostelmates,a real handful=]) on this trip more than compensated for the lost sheen of a place revisited.and of course this time around,there was the added attraction of khajuraho,and lucknow and fatehpur sikri..

from kolkata,we went to gwalior-shivpuri-jhansi-orchha-mahoba(the coldest weather i have ever experienced)-khajuraho-agra-fatehpursikri-mathura-lucknow-kolkata.quite a packet,eh?you bet.but to be honest,it got a bit tiring towards the end.oh,and the most memorable ingredient of the trip?
playing cards=]...we even camped out in the khajuraho temple complex to play,and some foreigners took our pictures too as we happily played twentynine!

hmm,not a very interesting read,i agree.well here's something-barely 12 hours ago,i was sitting in eden gardens stadium watching sachin and sehwag make mincemeat out of the southafrican bowlers while both cruised to their centuries.my first time in front of an ongoing testmatch(or any international cricket match,for that matter)and i get to witness such marvels.sublime is the word or you might want to use the much liked phrase"lucky bastard".take your pick=]

i apologise to my nonexistent fanclub for not putting up this blog for public scrutiny as promised earlier.the error is regretted and will be promptly taken care of.

i recently watched a movie-the motorcycle diaries.it really moved me.i mean,what young che saw with his eyes are the same things that you and i see everyday.some of us choose not to see,yet it does not mean these things (injustice,poverty,disease,helplessness....)aren't there.but how many of us actually do something to remove these vices?very few,a handful perhaps,but certainly not more.
i read somewhere long ago that until you are someone/somewhere important,it is difficult to help others.and that as a dependent child/student our duty should be limited to noting the things that we would like to see changed and later when the opportunity presents itself,make full use of it to do what needs to be done.
it's all very well,but where the flaw lies in the theory is that it does not take into account human nature,which by nature is selfish and conceited.

once we climb over the wall,we seldom turn to give a hand to those who cannot climb the wall by themselves.

if you are thinking-"that does not sound like me",it could be either of two things:
1>you are one of the chosen few,mankind's gift to man.
2>you are not yet ready to acknowledge your conceit.after you cross middle age,come back and read this blogpost again,and leave a comment,how about it?

the harsh truth is that most of us fall in the second category.

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