Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas eve.......

ahh,so its christmas eve...and i don't have anything to be so merry about right now.

well,first things first.i just survived more than a week of pure hell!make no mistake-sitting for an prof exam is never easy,but 2nd prof is way ahead than 1st prof when it comes to nastiness.true,1st prof has the surprise element but all things
considered,2nd prof is decidedly the more evil cousin.

the routine itself was pretty bland-get up at 6.freshen up and start mugging till 7:30.gobble down some light refreshment and run back to your books.cram away to oblivion by 10 o clock.get ready,and have lunch by 11am,so you can rush to the exam
centre by 11.20.cram some more till a quarter to twelve before entering the arena.
after two hours during which the desire to survive brought out till then undiscovered talents for cheating and writing productive bullshit,we head back to our lairs to choke the post exam euphoria/panic as swiftly as humanly 5 o clock we were wide awake after a fitful and mostly sleepless sleep,to find ourselves face to face with the impossibly high mountain of workload,of syllabus comprising a whole year of study.start by 5.30 and on and on till its time for dinner at 9.30pm.after yet another hurried dinner,back to books.most of the time,we didnt even wait for the clock to strike ten before starting the torture!why?because even the desire to lie down was pretty scary-what if you coudnt get up from your "little" nap?where would you be then??so, no rest.
trudging on,we came to the magical 12 o clock mark.not the time to go to bed,but signalling that in exactly one hour,it would be time to start cajoling each other to try and sleep a few hours,while all the time dreading lying down ourselves.why?simply because though our aching bodies welcomed the rest,our minds were too choked to allow the waves of sleep to crash against our mind's shores.thus,sleep would not come.and we would each lie awake for sometimes over an hour or so.sad and often dangerous thoughts crossed our mind,and we drifted into an uneasy sleep mainly born out of sheer exhaustion,a sleep which was broken by the shrill alarms of our cell phones at 5.45 seemed that it was only a few minutes ago that we had closed our books and
here we were having to start all over again!
all in all,it was extremely depressing and a very very tiring ordeal.i hope it is a long time before i have to face such a nightmare again.theory papers ended monday,21st of december.

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