Thursday, March 11, 2010

true love

was watching some episodes of "how i met your mother"

it got me thinking on the subject of 'finding true love'.after all,this is one theme that one and all of us can identify with.
so,how does one find true love?is it possible at all?have you ever thought about it?chances are that you have.

in today's world of social networking and mobile phones,it is true that we come across more number of people in our daily lives than we would have had we been born a few decades straight out,we are at an advantage compared to our previous generations when it comes to the probability of finding our true love.and if we are true to ourselves,we will find that these technological advances have actually encouraged us to use them for this particular purpose too(apart from their other uses).

but when it comes to possibilities and missed opportunities,then a simple example should be enough to show the futility of such endeavours-you might be walking tomorrow along a busy street,and by chance,the one member of the opposite sex who was tailormade by destiny/god(your choice) to be your life partner might be going unnoticed in the opposite direction.and the two of you would never ever meet.then,what good would all this technological advancement be??

you may smile,you may laugh in contempt,or you may even sneer in a supercilious way,but try as you might,you cannot ignore the above possibility.

maybe in the next ten years,we will get to see a software(good luck to microsoft & google) that will greatly narrow down our search for our 'love',but still,human nature being what it is,a software may fall far short of predicting who would be 'the perfect match'.

so what then is our role,one may ask.the answer,in my opinion(for what little it is worth),is this:
live your life like you got only one life and never pass up the opportunity to meet and greet new people,'coz you never know if that special someone is waiting just round the corner!

that's my take,what's yours?

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